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Personal coaching for triathlon, performance running and cycling 

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About Tom

Sports Coordinator (CIOS) | TAX Law LL.M | Professional triathlete

From weighing over 90 kilos, with little experience in sports to a professional triathlete. That's the transition I made in 3 years. Like no other I understand what it's like to have no (or little) experience in an endurance sport.

Ensuring you to become the best version of yourself and achieve your goals, while having fun, are my main goals. I believe in creating training plans that meet the needs and lives of each individual athlete.

Although my Tax Law master doesn't necessarily label me as a traditional coach, true and pure passion for scientific sports knowledge, human physiology, psychology, and their relationship to sports performance, health and well-being do.

Personal achievements 

  • Second place at the Dutch National Championships Long Distance Triathlon 2018.

  • Overall AG winner IRONMAN Cork 2019

  • Overal AG winner IRONMAN New Zealand 2020.

  • Qualified for the IRONMAN World Championships three times in a row.

  • Professional license as of 2021.

I have a special interest in:

Triathlon | Running | Cycling | Endurance | Nutrition | Weight Loss. 

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How I Can 

Help You

Single sport 

If you are interested in a personal training schedule for cycling or running (a marathon), based on your work-life balance. 


150 EUR

Triathlon coaching

If you are interested in a personal training schedule for a triathlon, based on your work-life balance. 


200 EUR

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